British TV in France 'how to' 

A quick guide to British television in France

Domestic British television can be received in France either via a satellite HD receiver and a dish or via a new technology IPTV DSL or fiber receivers.  While the dish size for Paris and the Northern part of France is very small ( 45 – 50 cm ) further down in the South you will need a larger dish of 125 cm ( Nice ) and 160 cm for Perpignan / Andorra. This size is necessary to receive correctly all the BBC channels, ITV, channel 4, five, Sky sports etc. The solution is either taking your existing satellite HD box with you to France, or buying both the equipment and installation from a specialised dealer in France. maybe the second solution is worth considering as you will receive full warranty and you will be installed by engis speaking team of installers.  Find out more...

I live in a listed area, dishes are not allowed ...

Well, it seems that new technologies help bypass the dish permission...  Small and discrete  IPTV receivers will allow you to have UKTV in listed areas with restrictions. However this is possible only if you have decent internet at home. Mesure your download speed to see if you are eligible for this service.   
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Can I use my british tv set here in France?

All British purchased HD TV's will work fine with the UK satellite or IPTV receiver in France. Most of the recent models have a built-in digital DVB-T tuner and can also receive some digital French TV channels  depending on signal coverage. To receive also french TV your TV screen must be of MPEG-4 type.
Older British TV’s can also be adapted to receive
French transmissions through an inexpensive adaptor  (external digital tuner). Note that French cable TV and DSL boxes have HDMI OUT and work with UK TV sets. So in 99 % of the cases a british TV can be tuned to receive BOTH UK & french TV. Moving to France is costly enough, so bringing your UK TV set  to France will save you some money.

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