British TV in France 'how to' 

A quick guide to British television in France

Domestic British television can be received in France either through a satellite HD receiver and a dish or via a new technology Broadband HD TV receivers or eventually streaming on tablets, laptops and similar. The last solution is rather for the frequent traveller and if you want a stable HD picture on your standard TV screen you rather choose one of the first two options. Understanding well the difference between the two technologies is essential to make the right for you choice. Satellite reception has still some advantages as easy to use remote and menu, all channels are on one list, and most importantly is independent of your internet debit. the only inconvenience is that it requires a dish.  While the antenna dish size for Paris and the Northern part of France is very small ( 45 - 50 cm only ) further down in the South you will need a larger one of 125 cm ( Perpignan area) or 140 cm ( Nice ) to receive correctly all the BBC & ITV  channels from the Astra 2 UK satellite,. If your home is  in the South of France and you have a decent internet conection your may go for the "no dish" Broadband  HD receiver. To understand better the difference between the two receivers and take the right decision  simply ask for our documentation here. It includes prices of equipment, channel lists, subscription costs (if any) and other details...
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I reside in a listed area, dishes are not allowed ...

Well, it seems that new technologies help bypass the dish permission...  Small and discrete  the Broadband TV receivers will allow you to have UK TV in listed areas with restrictions. However this is possible only if you have decent internet at home. Mesure your download speed to see if you are eligible for this service.   
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