British TV in France 'FAQ


Can I receive english Sky TV in France?
Yes, the best way is to set up a dish and a sky HD digibox! Dish size for the South of France could be important (125 to 140 cm). You may also get the Sky Channels including sports and movies  and VOD legally via the official Sky Broadband HD receiver which works  straight with any ISP in France without any VPN!  This service is mainly aimed at british residents owning a holiday home on the continent. Some restrictions apply:  You must be a British resident, You have to pay via a UK bank account or credit card and you have to connect  to the service from inside the UK every 37 days to reset the time counter otherwise it will stop working.....    If this is OK with you then  all you need is a dedicated Broadband receiver at EUR 169  which you may get here  and you are done.  It works with Orange, SFR, FREE.  Bouygues etc. Of course  this solution is possible only if you have decent internet at home of at least 3 Mb/sec in download speed. The good news - you can turn on the service for just a weekend and pay only for what you watch!

Do I need a UK address to receive UK TV in France?
No, a  UK address is not necessary to sign up to the Broadband  TV service ( BBC, ITV etc ) However if you go for Sky you will need to sign up with a UK residential address.
Freesat non-subscription satellite receivers do not require a registration address.
Call us or e-mail us for details.

Do you provide home installation?
YES! We install through  our own team of bilingual english/french  speaking engineers in the Big Paris area. We do have partner installers in most parts of France. Installation price may vary from one region to another depending on the dish size,  e-mail us for a quote and provide your postal code.

 I cannot install a big 130 cm dish in the South of France. Is there a way to receive BBC, ITV etc without a dish?
Yes, If you have  internet you may use the  UK Broadband receiver which will give you 50 Freeview UK TV channels against a subscription fee. The list includes BBC One, BBC Ywo, ITV, CH 4, Five and others. Ask for the full channel list here. All  french DSL internet boxes such as Orange, Freebox, Bbox, Numericable, SFR, etc  will work with a UK Internet TV  receiver.
see details here.

I already have a Digibox and a dish. I just need  home installation. Can you install my existing equipment?

Yes, we will install your equipment. If it is an individual detached house  a pre-visit is not necessary. If you live in a Paris appartment building call 01 45 75 16 77 to take an appointment.

How big is the dish?

The size of the dish depends on your location in France.
While in the North of France a minidish or hidden dish is all you need in the Very South of France near the Spanish border you may need a 140 cm dish to receive correctly the BBC channels. Check also the "no-dish" options ENQUIRE
see more details here

Do I need a twin dish and dual wiring for Sky and Freesat PVR?

Not obligatory, You will need two lines from the dish only if you wish to be able to watch one program whilst recording another. the Sky+ HD will work as a normal HDTV receiver if connected on a sigle line and of course you will be able to record one program at a time.

Can you replace my old sky decoder and upgrade or change to a Sky Plus HD or Freesat?

Yes, We can.

Will my UK bought TV screen work in France?
Yes, it will work. Just bring it to France.

Can I watch satellite TV on all TV sets at home?

Yes, our digital satellite systems allow connection to more than one TV in the house. we have now solutions to extend the picture in HD to a second or third TV in your home.

What do I need to watch a diffrent channel in the other room?

You need a second satellite receiver ( or a second Broadband receiver) one per TV set and a special dish with multiple outputs / respectfully higher debit on the internet if IP reception.

Can I just buy the equipment for a D-I-Y installation?

Yes, Rendez-Vous at our Paris shop, see access map here.
or buy online,

Can I get UK radio ?

Yes, our digital satellite receivers as well as the Broadband receivers come preset for radio stations like BBC radio 1,2,3,4 a 5,  and many others..

Can I record one channel while watching another ?

Yes, but only if you go for the twin line dish. for Sky you must have a subscription to record. The free-to-air box will record from a touch of a button and will follow your favorite series. The UK Broadband receiver has a recording fuction ( optional )

Can You connect me to the french channels as well?

Yes, we can. if required we can connect you to the digital french TV channels which do not require monthly subscription payments!